Find out how your crop change starts from the sky

Demand precision. We have high resolution up to 50 cm with nano-satelites

Our fields are also cultivated from the sky

No matter how far away you are... How small your crop is or how cloudy you are, you can see your fields!

Change is possible anywhere

Mobile app. So you can check the change in your fields


Change is also possible... where very high resolution is a must

Drone accuracy with satellite frequency

one drone flight per culture phase, and with visual computation algorithms, generates an image every 5-2 days

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A new way of knowing the weather for your crops

When accuracy, not only depends on a point. Know the values of the main climatic variables by management zones

Identifies areas that require our special attention

Locate areas that in recent days have lost photosynthetic vigour, leaf nitrogen, water stress or volume.

Only with you is change possible

We believe in constantly adapting technology to your problems and needs, as the only possible option to help you shape change. Because not all crops are the same and not all farmers have the same needs

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