IOT & Sensors make possible the continuous evaluation of our crops

Change requires maximum precision


IoT device installations in agriculture will increase from 30 million in 2015 to 75 million in 2022.

Mejora global de cobertura de telecomunicaciones 90%
Reducción de los costes de hardware, siendo posible su introducción en agricultura 80%
Aumento un 17% anual en software de manejo de riego 65%
Nuevo mercado de introducción, como sensórica para garantizar origen productos agricolas 75%

The information you need on one platform

We integrate different sensors to make your change integral

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Only you will know all the variables of your crops

Discover how IoT and sensors in the field help you make the best decisions

Reduce your watering doses by up to 40%,
Certify your responsible consumption of water and fertilizers
Verify the origin of the productive lot of your crops
Turn your crops into safe food

Only with you is change possible

If you want to know the costs of a comprehensive project in your crops, do not hesitate to ask, you will be surprised by our efforts to make change happen everywhere