Advance the change and introduce the blockchain in your crops

Change requires maximum precision

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Global IA in the agricultural market will be worth USD 2.6 billion by 2025, compared to USD 518 million in 2017. The key factors:

Adopción de sistemas de gestión de la información
Tecnologías avanzadas que permitan la adaptación de algoritmos de aprendizaje profundo
El aumento progresivo de productividad de los cultivos como resultado de técnicas de aprendizaje profundo.
El aumento de las iniciativas de los gobiernos que apoyan la adopción de técnicas agrícolas modernas

In change, every individual counts

Each satellite image provides information for each individual. Big data on all our crop plants

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A new way of analyzing your fields. Individual to Individual

When the Big Data, allows us to know the values of foliar Nitrogen Content (%), which have reduced our production plant by plant.

It establishes which values of Vegetative Vigour and Hydric Stress are adequate to improve your production

Identify how IA can help your crops

Find out how IA can be in your day-to-day life.

Feature one

Adjustment of irrigation dosages and Macro-Nutrients to increase your productions.

Feature two

Get better quality and production yields year after year

Feature three

Identify which varieties are most responsive to your management

Feature four

Establish external agreements with your external suppliers in advance

Only with you is change possible

We believe in constantly adapting technology to your problems and needs, as the only possible option to help you shape change. Because not all crops are the same and not all farmers have the same needs

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